Residential services at a glance

We are able to provide a complete construction management service ranging from early feasibility studies, pre-tender cost estimates, design and specification work and works cost and quality management through to practical completion and satisfactory handover between constructor and client.

Or if you simply want to ensure that your build project is delivered to the highest possible standard within your given budget or you have an existing building with unexplained defects that require investigation, or you simply want the best possible advice relating to your residential building or project, then we are the company to call.

Our team carries out detailed building condition surveys and we do our level best to ensure that everything that can reasonably be checked and inspected is reported on. If required we can even include the specialist damp survey work as part of your building condition survey.
Please view our page on building condition surveys Here to see what you can expect from one of our survey reports.
We are one of the leading UK experts on damp, disrepair and building defects in properties and carry out a great deal of expert witness work in this area.

Gaining planning approval can be a difficult path to negotiate. We can produce a full set of building plans, technical drawings & specification.
We have a great deal of experience in working with local authority planners and can help smooth the way forward to gaining approval on your development. Similarly, we have worked with leaseholder groups to find evidence that would help to block illegal planning consents.

We can design, manage and co-ordinate your construction project and can produce generic specifications such as NBS, or we can produce bespoke specifications for your individual project. We ensure that you make efficient use of design resources, make structured project decisions based on factual evidence and place a strong focus on your needs and expectations for your project.
We can plan and manage every aspect of your project. From writing the initial project plan to dealing with the planning and other statutory consents, through to tendering & procurement of your contractors, site cost and quality control and contract management & administration. We are extremely strong on cost management and ensure that our clients obtain real value for money on their projects.
We can undertake cost consultancy as part of the building surveying and construction management role or in the traditional quantity surveyor role. The importance of detailed cost advice and monitoring of costs during the undertaking of any works is of critical importance to the success of any project. Equally,detailed financialplanning at pre-construction stage can ensure that project decisions are based upon sound financial advice and rest within available budgetary constraints.
If you are converting or redeveloping an existing building and do not have existing plans then you will need a full measured survey of the building to allow a set of existing plans to be produced. Our team can then provide architectural services by converting the information into a working set of building plans or you can pass the survey information on to your architect.
We believe passionately that old buildings should be restored sympathetically but we also hold a pragmatic view that they should be as energy efficient as possible, buildings are not meant to be frozen in time. Moreover, if your building is listed you may well need to gain listed building consent from your local planning authority. Where buildings are grade 1 or 2* listed then your local planning authority will need to consult with English Heritage so having a surveyor on board who has the experience to work co-operatively with your planning authority and English Heritage will save you time and money. We can also provide early advice as to what is achievable with your building and can advise on the best methods for sympathetic restoration.

The Party Wall Act 1996 provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings.
A building owner proposing to start work covered by the act must give adjoining owners notice of their intentions in the way set down in the act. Adjoining owners can agree or disagree with what is proposed. Where they disagree, the act provides a mechanism for resolving disputes. Building Surveyors need appointing because there are often complex building technical issues to understand and resolve. Our team have a great deal of experience in this area and will be happy to provide expertise on your behalf as party wall surveyors.

It consistently surprises us that homeowners do not get a detailed building survey when buying properties covered by an NHBC warranty because in our experience these are precisely the properties that require detailed survey work. Take it from us that there is an awful lot not covered by the NHBC warranty and even where you have a fair claim covered by the policy then our experience is that the NHBC do not pay up without a fight. We can help you provide the evidence needed to prove your claim against the NHBC or if the problem is related to a breach of building regulations then you may have a claim against your local authority building control department who were paid to ensure the regulations were complied with.