External Concrete Frame Repairs and External Wall Insulation

We are currently designing, specifying and project managing a large external refurbishment programme for a client in the west Midlands. Works will include concrete frame repairs, external wall insulation and a new flat roof deck with upgraded insulation. Works will significantly improve the buildings thermal value and enhance the local shopping precinct.

Single Joint Expert Witness Report to Determine State of Repair

Malone Associates Ltd were appointed to determine the physical condition and state of repair in a ‘RuralZed’ timber frame system property. This was one of the first properties within the social housing sector to be awarded code 6 certification under the code for sustainable homes and combines super insulation with micro-generation and small biomass technologies. [...]

West Midlands High Rise Refurbishment

The £3.5m refurbishment of Thomas King House in Coventry was designed and specified by our principal, Joe Malone, and the finished results are quite outstanding, turning one of the least desirable social housing blocks into possibly one of the most desirable. The principles of ‘defensible space’ were applied to ensure that the social problems as [...]

Single Joint Expert Witness Report to Determine Cause of Water Ingress & Repair Obligations

The building owner had served a section 146 notice on their tenant after it alleged that the tenant had seriously breached its obligation to keep the property in good repair. The tenant disputed this claim and we were called in to provide a joint expert witness report relating to the state of repair. We were [...]

Resolving Water Ingress to London High-Rise block.

This work concerned a longstanding issue with rainwater ingress into a number of flats over a 10 years period. A number of previous investigators had failed to diagnose the problem and we consulted to a firm of Chartered Surveyors in Middlesex to provide their client with a detailed investigation report. After a detailed site investigation [...]