Concrete Carbonation

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By Kate Allen (Malone Associates Ltd)  Blown concrete caused by carbonation We've completed a number of projects lately to non-traditional properties and high rise blocks where we've had to consider the effects that concrete carbonation has had on the structure. This has included quantifying the number of defects to allow us to go [...]

The Hidden Dangers in Buying a New Home

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New blog post: Dangers in Buying a New Home Why would you consider buying a new home? Is it simply because you want that feeling of owning something new. Perhaps you want cutting edge design and modern standards of thermal comfort with low energy bills, or perhaps you simply feel that buying a new home [...]

Worst EWI Installation we’ve Ever Seen

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New blog post: EWI Failure Another Warning with Regard to The Poorly Regulated EWI Industry Just when we think we have seen the worst installation we've ever seen another comes along to take the title. So for now, and as we write this blog, this is indeed the worst installation we've ever seen but we've [...]

An Introduction to Calcium Silicate Bricks

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A Case Study: Calcium Silicate Bricks   Residential scheme built with calcium silicate bricks Some time ago we were asked to investigate structural cracking in a large residential scheme in the West Midlands. On visiting the scheme and noting cracks on the building I had a strong suspicion that the building had [...]

How guaranteed is my construction guarantee?

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The Murky World of Construction Guarantees, Latent Defects & Contractual Claims I was prompted to write this blog after a client recently explained to me that her builder recently explained to her that in fact, he had no contractual obligation to correct her work and he was only there to prevent reputational damage. It is [...]

Repointing Heritage Brickwork

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Repointing Heritage Brickwork We rarely see repointing done well in standard 10mm mortar joints so imagine what we find when encountering thin joint construction or gauged brickwork with joints of around 1mm thick? We commonly find thin joint construction in old buildings and generally speaking, the thinner the mortar joint, the stronger the building. Buildings [...]

Survey on Rare Timber Framed House

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I was asked to carry out a survey on a fascinating building this week, a very rare 8 bedroomed timber framed building. I'm told that there are only two of these buildings remaining in the whole of the UK so its highly likely that I won't see another one and most of us won't see [...]

Damp Training for Chartered Professionals & Undergraduates

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Why chartered building professionals need their own supplementary damp qualification. We delivered another 4 hour lecture (Damp Training) to undergraduates at Coventry University on November 23rd to supplement their academic learning with pragmatic site experience and to teach them a damp investigation process that can be used throughout their careers. Coventry University run one of [...]

New Blog: Structural Assessment of Freestanding Walls

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We've had to assess structural integrity of two freestanding walls recently, the first was relatively straightforward and involved a resident who reversed their car into the boundary wall surrounding his apartment block. The client wanted to know whether the wall was safe in its damaged condition. Since it was also a retaining wall and damage [...]

New Blog: EWI Failure

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A Case of Pillowing or Mattressing We were recently asked to look at an EWI failure for a potential client. This was a homeowner who had spent £15k on having their home externally refurbished with an EWI system. At circa £100 per square meter this was an expensive system but they'd done their homework and [...]