Full Building Condition Surveys

We don’t do valuation surveys and neither do we do currently do the RICS level 2 survey, which is essentially a tick list survey under the RICS format. Under RICS guidelines the best survey you can have is a level three survey, which RICS state is essential for larger or older properties, or if you’re planning major works. The most comprehensive report provides you with an in-depth analysis of the property’s condition and includes advice on defects, repairs and maintenance options. This is the most comprehensive survey but is still likely to contain many caveats about damp needing further investigation or drains needing inspection etc.

At Malone Associates Ltd we have introduced what we like to call the level 4 survey. It goes beyond what you might expect to find on an RICS level three survey and subject to testing limitations we will report on dampness within the property and further report on what is required to deal with that issue. Wherever possible we will also carry out a drain inspection and test foul drains for leaks. Our building condition reports are thorough and incredibly detailed so if you are investing in what will probably be the biggest investment of your life and want to be sure you are making the right choice then we think that you need our level 4 survey. We pride ourselves on not filling survey reports with page after page of caveats and we believe it is our duty to give a professional opinion. Moreover, you will find that our level 4 survey costs no more than what you would expect to pay for a level 3 survey.

We generally find that clients who want that level of detail find us after doing a little research, perhaps you found our page in the same way. We have gained an expertise in surveying old and historic buildings and perhaps because clients quite often have concerns about dampness in these old buildings, they form a large proportion of our detailed survey work.  However, we also have a huge amount of experience in surveying new properties and sadly, these do not provide the peace of mind that clients generally expect from purchasing a new building.

We have put together an image portfolio for some of the properties we have recently surveyed to give you a feel for our range of experience but if you are considering a level 4 building survey then why not ask for one of our sample reports to help you understand what you would be paying for.