New blog post: EWI Failure

Another Warning with Regard to The Poorly Regulated EWI Industry

Just when we think we have seen the worst installation we’ve ever seen another comes along to take the title. So for now, and as we write this blog, this is indeed the worst installation we’ve ever seen but we’ve learned to appreciate that it’s only a matter of time before another comes along to take the title.

We have recently been advising a client in Carmarthen with regard to the quality of their installation and with regard to a potential construction claim against the installer. This particular system is a Wetherby system, nothing wrong with that so long as it is installed to appropriate guidelines with a reasonable degree of skill and care by qualified installers.

This installation standard cannot be excused as a rush job or a Friday afternoon job, rather, we’re of the opinion that it must have been installed by completely unqualified site personal. In all likelihood, they were not just unqualified to install EWI but the general standard would tend to indicate that they have no previous construction experience whatsoever but nevertheless chose to jump onto the EWI gravy train.


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