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New Blog: The Damp Industry Con

By | September 26th, 2015|Uncategorized| THE DAMP INDUSTRY CON & THE CON SURROUNDING THE DAMP INDUSTRY CON SEPTEMBER 26, 2015 Hand held electronic moisture meters have a part to play in any credible damp investigation process. There is a business that regularly posts videos on Youtube, very alarmist video’s about how the damp industry are conning people and about [...]

NHF Annual Conference & Exhibition

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Today was the final day of the NHF annual conference & exhibition at the ICC in Birmingham. It was all rather spur of the moment but we decided to take an exhibition stand after being invited along by a client. We had no idea what to expect but did expect a reasonably busy exhibition hall [...]

Building Advice Centre now available

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We often get emailed for building advice as a result of the blog we maintain at We have therefore decided to keep a page specifically for homeowners who want building advice prior to deciding their best course of action. The link for our building advice centre page can be found Here

New blog at

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Sewer pumping station encountered during building survey.  We recently completed a full building condition pre-purchase survey for a client and they were surprised to see in their report that a sewer pumping station was installed to the drive of the property under consideration. We think it important that potential house buyers fully understand why these [...]

Yes, we work in London.

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I thought it worth posting some information with regard to geographic availability since we are constantly being asked if we do work in London. In fact we have a large London client base and do a great deal of work in London. We specialise in defects and water ingress to high rise buildings so as [...]

Cavity Wall Insulation Blamed Again

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Cavity Wall Insulation Blamed Again The potential damp problems allegedly caused by cavity wall insulation continues to be very topical at the moment. With this in mind it may be worth relaying details of another defect we were were asked to investigate this week. We were called to London to investigate an isolated patch of [...]